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About the WRABF

As an FEDERATION, we service all world rimfire and air benchrest competitions in association with the partners around the globe. This site will be updated constantly with news, scores and help files for those who participate in, or want to participate in, Rimfire & Air Benchrest competitions. There is lots of help and facts that you can glean from this website, with associated links pages that will take you to clubs, other associations, manufacturers and retailers. Please use our website to learn and understand more about this addictive shooting sports.

Any nation wishing to participate in WRABF events or wish to become a member, please contact us via the email links below;

2019 General Meeting Minutes
2011 General Meeting Minutes
2008 General Meeting Minutes

WRABF Executive Committee - 2023 to 2027

Billy Chamberlain
WRABF President
WRABF Vice President
Pavel Cink
Billy Chamberlain
Carmen Papaleo
WRABF Secretary
WRABF Treasurer
Carmen Papaleo
Greg Schneider

Non-Executive Members
Sadeq Qaranjiki Giovanni Atzeni
WRABF Treasurer